SB 1103

Senate Bill (SB) 1103: charter schools; zoning procedures

Sponsor: Senator Yee

Overview: SB 1103 requires charter schools to be treated the same as schools operated by a school district with regard to zoning regulations.

League Position: NEUTRAL - Although the League had concerns about the bill as drafted, the amendment adopted in the Senate Education Committee addressed our chief issue about eliminating public involvement and review.

Summary: Under SB 1103 charter schools would be treated the same as schools operated by a school district when it comes to zoning, including hearings and reviews.


01/31/13: The bill passed out of the Senate Education Committee on a unanimous vote. The bill was amended to reinsert the original process for public hearings related to charter school reviews. The League has commitments from the proponents of the bill to continue to clarify the legislation's contents.

02/07/13: SB 1103 passed Senate COW as amended.

02/11/13: SB 1103 was voted out of the Senate on 27-2 vote. The bill has been assigned to the House Education Committee.

02/25/13: SB 1103 passed out of the House Education Committee on a 7-2 vote. The bill now proceeds to the House Rules Committee.