HB 2259

House Bill (HB) 2259: vocational rehabilitation; prosthetic appliances; orthodontics

Sponsor: Representative Forese

Overview: HB 2259 exempts "Invisalign" orthodontics from the state sales tax.

League Position: NEUTRAL - The League is supportive of the change, but has concerns about how potential amendments will impact the Model City Tax Code (MCTC).

Summary: Includes orthodontic devices dispensed by a dental professional to the list of exemptions to the state transaction privilege tax. This change is necessary in order to allow changes to the MCTC to effect the same change.


01/31/13: The bill passed out of the House Reform and Human Services Committee on a unanimous vote. The committee adopted a strike everything amendment to place the language in that appropriate section of statute. The bill now proceeds to the Rules Committee.

02/25/13: HB 2259 passed COW as amended with Representative Lesko's floor amendment. With the adopted amendment, the bill has a retroactive effect going back to September 30, 2007.

02/27/13: HB 2259 passed 3rd Read with 59 aye votes and only 1 not voting. The bill was then transmitted to the Senate.

03/06/13: HB 2259 passed out of the Senate Finance committee with votes of (5-0-2-0).

 04/17/13: HB 2259 was signed by the governor; Chapter 120, Laws 2013.