HB 2280

House Bill (HB) 2280: employee benefits; state preemption

Sponsor: Representative Forese

Overview: HB 2280 as amended prevents cities and towns from setting personnel policies for private businesses.

League Position: NEUTRAL - The League worked with the proponents of the bill to amend out unclear language.

Summary: HB 2280 exerts the state's authority over the matter of employee benefits and states that units of local government cannot regulate employee compensation packages of private employers.


02/07/13: The bill as amended passed the House commerce Committee on a vote of 6-3. It will now proceed to the Rules Committee.

03/04/13: The bill passed out of COW with Forese's Commerce amendment and then passed through 3rd Read with 32 ayes, 27 nays, and 1 not voting.

03/20/13: HB 2280 passed out of the Senate's Commerce, Energy, and Military Committee 4-3. The bill should be heard in Senate Rules next.

03/27/13: HB 2280 passed Senate Committee of the Whole and awaits a third read vote.

04/18/13: HB 2280 passed out of the Senate 3rd read with a vote of 17-11. It will be sent to the governor for final action.