HB 2113

House Bill (HB) 2113: municipal annexation; size; exception

Sponsor: Representative Pratt

Overview: HB 2113 modifies the definition of contiguous for purposes of municipal annexation.

League Position: SUPPORT - This bill makes it easier to annex small sections of county islands.

Summary: The strike-everything amendment enacts session law which modifies part of the definition of contiguous, stating that a territory satisfies the width requirement if at least 95% of that territory is at least 200 feet in width, excluding rights-of-way and roadways.


02/05/13: HB 2113 passed out of the House Committee on Government with a same subject strike-everything amendment. The bill now proceeds to the Rules Committee.

02/28/13: HB 2113 passed out of the House Committee of the Whole as amended. Pratt added a floor amendment which the League stands in continued support of. On the same day, the bill passed 3rd Read in the House with a vote of 54 ayes, and 6 not voting.

03/21/13: HB 2113 passed the Senate Government and Environment Committee with a unanimous vote.