SB 1321

Senate Bill (SB) 1321: residential energy efficiency; building codes

Sponsor: Senator Griffin

Overview: SB 1321 declares residential building code related to energy efficiency a matter of statewide concern.

League Position: OPPOSE - The League opposes this bill's intrusion on local control.

Summary: SB 1321 declares energy efficiency residential building codes a matter of statewide concern and prohibits political subdivisions from further regulating energy consumption and efficiency in homes. The bill establishes an energy efficiency rating of 75 or lower to be in compliance with the statewide standard.


02/05/13: SB 1321 passed the Senate Committee on Government and Environment on a 4-3 vote.

02/21/13: SB 1321 passed the Senate Committee of the Whole with a floor amendment that primarily creates different energy efficiency scores for different climate zones.

02/25/13: The bill passed out of Senate 18-10. It now proceeds to the House.

03/18/13: SB 1321 failed in the House Energy, Environment, and Natural Resources Committee on a 4-4 vote.