HB 2443

House Bill (HB) 2443: cities; counties; regulatory review

Sponsor: Representative Olson

Overview: HB 2443 enacts a number of changes to the statutes relating to licenses and permits issued by counties, municipalities and flood control districts.

League Position: SUPPORT - The League supports the bill as a great collaborative effort to bring greater clarity to the regulatory scheme created by Laws 2010, Chapter 312 (Senate Bill (SB) 1598). The issue of seeking changes to SB 1598 is also a League Resolution for 2013.

Summary: HB 2443, as amended, exempts fire and life safety inspections from statutory inspection requirements and clarifies that SB 1598 does not apply to tax licenses. Municipalities are required to post their licensing timeframes on their websites, or the League's website if they do not have their own. The tolling of time frames are adjusted to account for non-municipal licenses. A process is created for allow a city or town to consider an application withdrawn from consideration. Regulatory entities are authorized to make an additional request for corrections based on responses from applicants. Cities and towns may seek to extend the overall time frame by 50% by mutual agreement. Denied applicants must be provided information about their right to resubmit the application, the fess associated with it and the method by which those fees were calculated. The right to receive a refund cannot be waived by an applicant. A process for reducing the reapplication fee for resubmitted applications is created. Various municipal departments are exempted from statutory requirements. Numerous technical changes are also made.


02/08/13: The bill was passed out the House Government Committee on a 7-1 vote. The committee additionally adopted an amendment sponsored by Representative Ugenti. The bill now moves to the Rules Committee.

02/21/13: The bill passed out of House COW with an amendment to make additional and technical changes to the bill.

02/25/13: The House passed HB 2443 by a vote of 60-0. The measure now proceeds to the Senate.

03/18/13: HB 2443 passed out of the Senate Government and Environment Committee on a 7-0 vote. The bill was amended to address additional technical issues as well as exempt certain residential zoning procedures.

03/25/13: HB 2443 passed out of Senate COW with the amendment. The bill now proceeds to Third Read.

03/26/13: HB 2443 passed the Senate on a 27-0 vote. The bill now heads back to the House for a final vote on the Senate amendments.

04/04/13: HB 2443 passed the House Final Read with a unanimous vote. Now it proceeds to the governor's desk for final action.

04/10/13: HB 2443 was signed into law by Governor Brewer as Laws 2013, Chapter 74.