HB 2533

House Bill (HB) 2533: local governments; public notices; website

Sponsor: Representative Peterson

Overview: HB 2533 allows cities and towns to post legal notices on their own website, as opposed to in a newspaper.

League Position: SUPPORT - The League believes this bill is an enhancement of local authority and will save taxpayers money.

Summary: This bill would allow cities and towns to post notices on their own website. Currently legal notices have to go into a newspaper. Once a year, the city or town would have to post in a newspaper the location of their pertinent website, to let the public know of the electronic posting site.


02/14/13: HB 2533 passed out of the House Technology and Infrastructure Committee on Thursday by a vote of 4-2. The League testified in support of the measure. The bill now goes on to the House Government Committee on 2-19-12.

02/18/13: HB 2533 was withdrawn from the House Government Committee.

03/11/13: HB 2533 was retained on the COW calendar.

03/12/13: HB 2533 passed COW with an amendment by Rep. Petersen. In 3rd Read, the bill failed with a vote of 26 ayes, 31 nays and 3 not voting. Rep. Petersen made a successful motion for the bill to be reconsidered on Monday 3/18/13.

03/18/13: HB 2533 passed 3rd Read with a vote of 31 ayes, 27 nays, and 2 not voting.

03/21/13: HB 2533 was held in the Senate Government and Environment Committee.