HB 2527

House Bill (HB) 2527: elections; revisions

Sponsor: Representative Ugenti

Overview: HB 2527 authorizes cities and towns to lengthen or shorten their terms in order to move to the consolidated election date.

League Position: SUPPORT - The League supports the measure because it contains changes to state law necessary to ensure a smooth transition to a consolidated election schedule.

Summary: HB 2527 allows municipalities to lengthen or shorten their terms in order to transition to candidate elections in the fall of even years. The bill also modifies municipal incorporation statutes to conform to the consolidated election schedule.


02/14/13: The bill passed out the House Judiciary Committee on a 4-2 vote. The bill next proceeds to the House Government Committee. We are working with the sponsor to introduce an amendment to add language to address certain "home rule" municipalities.

02/19/13: The bill passed out the House Government Committee on an 8-0 vote. The bill was amended to address "home rule" municipalities with their authorization expiring in the spring of 2014 and now proceeds to the Rules Committee.

02/28/13: HB 2527 passed out of COW with the Government Committee amendment formally adopted. The bill then proceeded to Third Read on the same day, where it passed on a vote of 52-3.

03/19/13: HB 2527 passed out of the Senate Elections Committee on a 6--0 vote with 1 not voting. The bill proceeds to Senate Rules.