SB 1454

Senate Bill (SB) 1454: campaign finance; in-kind contributions; disclosures

Sponsor: Senator Yee

Overview: SB 1454 modifies campaign finance disclosure rules concerning use of a company logo, trademark, trade name or trade dress by a candidate that owns or has a controlling interest in the company and other issues related to candidate campaign signs. As amended the bill also corrects most of the issues remaining from consolidated elections and puts some restrictions on municipalities requiring planned communities.

League Position: SUPPORT - This initial change means little in terms of the technical or philosophical approach to local elections. The League was following this bill solely to make cities aware of the new requirements. The floor amendment created a new document that changes our position to Support.

Summary: SB 1454 defines the use of company logos, trademarks and trade names as an in-kind contribution instead of use of personal monies. Signs paid for by a candidate with campaign monies or by a candidate's campaign committee no longer need to have a "paid for by" statement included on the front of the sign. Instead of a name or phone number on the back of campaign signs, campaign committees may now offer a campaign website address to fulfill the statutory requirement. The issues related to incorporation elections and home rule as a result of consolidated elections are resolved. The bills allows for the lengthening of terms, but not shortening. The planned community issue will need to be addressed by those cities and towns that have previously required them.


02/19/13: The bill passed out the Senate Elections Committee on a 6-0 vote and heads to the Rules Committee.

06/14/13: The bill passed out of both chambers on the last night of session by overwhelming majorities. The bill now goes to the Governor.