SB 1365

Senate Bill (SB) 1365: planned communities; zoning; prohibitions

Sponsor: Senator Murphy

Overview: Prohibits municipalities from requiring a subdivider or developer to construct or establish a homeowners' association.

League Position: OPPOSE - The League opposes the bill's intrusion on local control.

Summary: The amendment allows counties to require a subdivider to maintain private improvements and limits maintenance to community-owned property.


02/11/13: Passed Senate Government and Environment Committee (5-2-0-0) 

02/28/13: Passed COW with Murphy's floor amendment (as summarized above) 

03/04/13: Passed Third Read (16-12-2-0) 

03/05/13: Transmitted to House and was assigned to House Government Committee

03/11/13: Failed House Government Committee (1-3-1-4-0)