HB 2404

House Bill (HB) 2404: Building Codes; Residential Energy Efficiency (Property Managers; Records; Storage)

Sponsor: Representative Carter (Strike-everything sponsor: Senator Griffin) 

Overview: The strike everything amendment to HB 2404 declares energy efficiency residential building codes a matter of statewide concern and prescribes energy efficiency standards for cities within certain climate zones.

League Position: OPPOSE - The League opposes state preemption on local building codes. This one-size fits most legislation does not adequately consider the state's diverse climate and the unique characteristics of each municipality.

Summary: The Senate engrossed version of HB 2404 preempts local authority on energy efficiency residential building codes and establishes Home Energy Rating System (HERS) scores associated with certain climate zones. HERS is a proprietary method of measuring energy efficiency. Climate zone boundaries match county boundaries. The engrossed bill allows cities to adopt the 2015 residential building codes, but it requires cities that do so to include a performance based path to compliance without restrictions on how the necessary score is achieved. It also clarifies that cities are not prevented from adopting and enforcing energy codes for non-residential buildings not addressed in this legislation.


04/25/13: HB 2404 passed Senate committee of the Whole with the strike-everything amendment and a floor amendment to the strike-everything. It awaits a Third Read vote in the Senate.

04/30/13: HB 2404 passed the Senate on a Third Read vote of 16-2. The bill currently awaits House action on Senate amendments.