SB 1482

Senate Bill (SB) 1482: homeowners' associations amendments; omnibus

Sponsor: Senator Griffin

Overview: SB 1482 contains numerous provisions related to homeowners' associations (HOAs), including the requirements necessary for municipalities to mandate such associations.

League Position: NEUTRAL - The League was neutral on the measure because of having extensive input via stakeholder meetings and vetting the issue with a wide variety of cities and towns.

Summary: SB 1482 allows municipalities to only require homeowners' associations for the purposes of maintaining community property when approved as a part of the preliminary plat, final plat or specific plan. HOAs may also enter into maintenance agreements with cities and towns. These provisions of the bill go into effect upon the general effective date.


02/10/14: The Senate Government and Environment Committee passed the bill by a unanimous vote. The bill now proceeds to the Rules Committee.

02/26/14: SB 1482 passed Senate Committee of the Whole with the floor amendment offered by Senator Griffin. The bill now proceeds to Senate Third Reading.

02/27/14: SB 1482 passed Senate Third Reading on a vote of 30 ayes and 0 nays. The bill now proceeds to the House.

04/14/14: SB 1482 has been substituted for the identical 2695. The bill passed Senate Third Read on a vote of 49 ayes and 6 nays. The bill now proceeds to the Governor.