SB 1227

Senate Bill (SB) 1227: municipalities; counties; energy efficient codes

Sponsor: Senator Crandell

Overview: SB 1227 prohibits municipalities and counties from adopting new energy efficiency building codes.

League Position: OPPOSE - This bill preempts local decision making authority.

Summary: SB 1227 prohibits municipalities from adopting any energy efficiency building codes for new construction beyond what a municipality may have in place prior to the effective date of this bill. It also prohibits municipalities from denying any licenses or building permits, or imposing any penalties for failure to comply with energy efficiency building codes.


02/10/14: SB 1227 passed out of the Senate Government and Environment Committee on a 3-2-2 vote. The League signed in opposing the bill. The bill now proceeds to the Rules Committee.

03/03/14: SB 1227 passed Senate Committee of the Whole with the floor amendment offered by Senator Crandell. The bill now proceeds to Senate Third Read.