Bill Monitoring from 2014 Legislative Session

The directory below contains tracking information for all legislation from the 2014 legislative session that appeared in the Legislative Bulletin. This is not an exhaustive list of legislation that was monitored by the League's Legislative Division. Please contact the League if you have any questions or concerns regarding legislation not available on this page.


House Bill (HB) 2044: S/E: fire district boundary changes

HB 2050: ASRS membership; section 218 requirements

HB 2069: ASRS; political subdivision entities

HB 2114: ADOT; land acquisition; conveyances; relocation

HB 2118: S/E: utilities; right of way

HB 2120: motor vehicle sales

HB 2126: municipal annexation; size; exception

HB 2148: municipalities; counties; transfer; right-of-way

HB 2149: state parks; SLIF fund distribution

HB 2152; fire district boundary changes

HB 2153: exercise of religion; state action

HB 2162: city or town council; vacancy

HB 2203: ASRS; PSPRS; board membership

HB 2220: improvement districts; municipal services

HB 2330: municipalities; deannexation; public right-of-way

HB 2339: firearms; permit holders; public places

HB 2361: workers' compensation; provider payments; limitations

HB 2387: improvement districts; lighting; streets; parks

HB 2389: S/E: transaction privilege tax changes

HB 2407: S/E: electronic filing; contributions;expenditures

HB 2414: S/E: public records; burdensome requests

HB 2419: S/E public records; labor costs

HB 2421: S/E: public records; notice; penalty

HB 2505: leaving accident scene; alcohol; penalty

HB 2517: firearms; state preemption; penalties

HB 2536: best land management practices; appropriation

HB 2546: alarm businesses; alarm agents; regulation

HB 2547: major event public safety reimbursement

HB 2561: private certification; occupations

HB 2571; criminal damage; economic costs

HB 2640: government investigations; independent third party

HB 2654: government reporting; financial information

HB 2690: photo radar; calibration; traffic tickets

HB 2692: DPS; operating expenses; appropriation; intent

HB 2693: PSPRS; employer liability; death benefits

HB 2695: homeowners' associations amendments; omnibus


Senate Bill (SB) 1062: exercise of religion; state action

SB 1063: misconduct involving weapons; firearm storage

SB 1064: firearm; definition

SB 1158: S/E: fireworks; permissible use

SB 1227: municipalities; counties; energy efficient codes

SB 1277: vehicle right of way; buses

SB 1301: 2014 tax corrections

SB 1307: fee consultant; indemnity agreement

SB 1326: state parks; donations; fund; transportation

SB 1366: S/E: firearm definition

SB 1397: liquor omnibus

SB 1400: public safety assistance; commission; fund

SB 1413: taxes; manufacturers' electricity sales; exemption

SB 1415: municipal elections; majority vote calculation

SB 1482: homeowners' associations amendments; omnibus