SB 1429

Senate Bill (SB) 1429: public retirement system; special election

Sponsor: Senator Lesko

Summary: SB1429 is the statutory measure that calls for a special election for the companion bill, SCR1019.

League Position: SUPPORT - This bill is a part of the overall PSPRS reform package.


2/4/2016: Passed Senate COW. Passed Senate Third Read 28-0. Transferred to the House.

2/2/2016: SB1429 passed the Senate Finance Committee 5-0

2/10/2016: SB1429 passed the House Insurance Committee by a vote of 7-1. The bill now proceeds to the Rules Committee.

2/11/2016: SB1429 passed the House COW and Third Reading by a vote of 49-10.

2/16/2016: SB1429 was signed by Governor Doug Ducey.