SB 1266

Senate Bill (SB) 1266: firearms; state preemption; penalties

Sponsor: Senator Smith

Summary: The bill sets up penalties for political subdivisions that violate the state preemption on firearms, including fines and termination from office.

League Position: OPPOSE - The League opposes this bill due to onerous penalties.


2/3/2016: This bill passed the Senate Public Safety and Military Technology Committee by a vote of 5-0-1, with one not voting (Contreras). It also passed the Senate Government Committee by a vote of 4-3-0. The bills now proceed to Rules Committee.

2/11/2016: SB1266 passed the Senate COW.

2/18/2016: SB1266 passed the Senate Third Reading by a vote of 18-11.

3/1/2016: SB1266 passed the House Judiciary Committee by a vote of 3-2-1.