HB 2024

House Bill (HB) 2024: S/E immigration laws; attorney fees

Sponsor: Representative Finchem

Summary: HB2024 prohibits the awarding of attorney fees to the prevailing party if the prevailing party is a governmental entity in a case involving enforcing immigration law.

League Position: OPPOSE - The League opposed as there could be frivolous lawsuits that occur where the municipalities prevail, but under this bill would not be able to recover attorney fees.


2/17/2016: HB2024 passed the House Federalism and States' Rights Committee by a vote of 5-2. The bill now proceeds to the Rules Committee.

2/23/2016: HB2024 passed the House COW.

2/24/2016: HB2024 passed the House Third Reading. The bill will now be transferred to the Senate.