HB 2566

House Bill (HB) 2566: S/E pawnbrokers; transactions fee prohibited

Sponsor: Representative Gowan

Summary: HB2566 states that a city, town, or county may not impose a fee on transaction between a dealer and a seller.

League Position: OPPOSE - The League opposes this bill because it would hinder a city's ability to track stolen items sold in pawnshops.


2/24/2016: HB2566 passed the House Appropriations Committee by a vote of 7-6. The bill now proceeds to the Rules Committee.

3/2/2016: HB2566 passed the House COW.

3/2/2016: HB2566 passed the House Third Read by a vote of 31-28. The bill was transferred to the Senate.

3/7/2016: HB2566 passed the Senate Commerce and Workforce Development by a vote of 5-4.