HB 2398

House Bill (HB) 2398: S/E fireworks; definition

Sponsor: Representative Kern

Summary: HB2398 alters the definition of fireworks to include mine and shell devices as well was firecrackers.

League Position: OPPOSE - The League is opposed to this bill because of public safety concerns.


2/18/2016: HB2398 passed the House Military Affairs and Public Safety Committee by a vote of 4-2-1.

3/3/2016: HB2398 passed the House COW.

3/8/2016: HB2398 passed the House Third Reading by a vote of 31-27.

3/16/2016: HB2398 passed the Senate Government Committee by a vote 4-3.

5/2/2016: HB2398 passed the Senate COW.

5/2/2016: HB2398 failed the Senate Third Read by a vote of 14-15.