HB 2146

House Bill (HB) 2146: municipalities; property sale threshold; election

Sponsor: Representative Leach

Summary: HB 2146 ncreases the value threshold for municipal property whose sale is subject to voter approval in a special election from more than $500,000 to more than $1,500,000.

League Position: SUPPORT - The League supports this bill because it allows for cities and towns to more accurately depict the value of real-estate.


1/19/2016: HB2146 passed the House County and Municipal Affairs Committee by a vote of 6-0.The bill now proceeds to the Rules Committee.

2/16/2016: HB2146 passed the House Third Read. The bill was transferred to the Senate.

3/2/2016: HB2146 passed the Senate Government Committee (6-0) and the Senate Federalism, Mandates, and Fiscal Responsibility (6-0).

3/17/2016: HB2146 passed the Senate COW and Third Reading by a vote of 27-2.

3/23/2016: HB2146 passed the House Final Reading and was transmitted to the Governor.