Bill Monitoring from 2016 Legislative Session

The directory below contains tracking information for all legislation from the 2016 legislative session that appeared in the Legislative Bulletin. This is not an exhaustive list of legislation that was monitored by the League's Legislative Division. Please contact the League if you have any questions or concerns regarding legislation not available on this page.


House Bill (HB) 2024: S/E immigration laws; attorney fees

HB 2026: municipal tax exemptions; residential lease

HB 2076: annexation; single property owner; exception

HB 2081: personal property transfer; limitations prohibited

HB 2107: substance abuse recovery homes

HB 2115: public employees; misappropriations; penalty

HB 2122: S/E: photo radar; driver license suspension

HB 2130: municipalities; counties; energy use; reporting

HB 2131: municipalities; counties; auxiliary containers; prohibitions

HB 2146: municipalities; property sale threshold; election

HB 2157: ASRS; political subdivision entities

HB 2163: S/E pet dealer regulations

HB 2223: prohibited money transfers; information sharing

HB 2233: public buildings; applicable fire codes

HB 2300: firearms; prohibited governmental activities

HB 2350: occupational disease; post – traumatic stress disorder

HB 2365: study committee; Arizona's 911 system

HB 2384: S/E urbanized areas; incorporation

HB 2391: municipalities; water rates; requirements

HB 2398: S/E fireworks; definition

HB 2402: bonds; disclosure; notice

HB 2440: municipal improvement districts; formation election

HB 2478: licensing; waiver of rights; prohibition

HB 2483: municipal population estimates; use

HB 2486: telecommunications utilities; relocation; reimbursement

HB 2497: local governments; permits; equipment

HB 2512: pension contributions; expenditure limit exemption

HB 2517: business professionals; regulation; restrictions

HB 2538: municipal bonds; tax levy

HB 2540: prohibition; photo radar

HB 2566: S/E pawnbrokers; transactions fee prohibited

HB 2568: community facilities districts' formation; governance

HB 2570: local government bonds' ballot statement

HB 2583: open meetings; audiovisual recordings

HB 2690: pawnbroker licensure; DPS


Senate Bill (SB) 1017: municipal service access cards; requirements

SB 1162: alarm industry; fingerprint requirements

SB 1241: photo radar prohibition; state highways

SB 1248: S/E pet store operators; dealers; regulations

SB 1257: misconduct involving weapons; public places

SB 1266: firearms; state preemption; penalties

SB 1282: public records; unduly burdensome requests

SB 1323: vexatious litigants; workers' compensation

SB 1350: S/E online homesharing; administration; definitions

SB 1378: prohibited money transfers' immigrations; violations

SB 1428: PSPRS modifications

SB 1429: public retirement system; special election

SB 1449: unmanned aircraft prohibited operations

SB 1487: state law; local violations; penalties

SB 1520: S/E photo radar; voter approval

SB 1523: truth in taxation; levy increases

SB 1524: regulatory actions; limitations

SCR 1010: photo radar prohibition

SCR 1019: public retirement system benefits