Policy Committee Process

League Policy Committees

League legislative policy is developed through our Policy Committee process. The five Policy Committees include:

  • Budget, Finance and Economic Development
  • General Administration, Human Resources and Elections
  • Neighborhoods, Quality of Life and Sustainability
  • Public Safety, Military Affairs and Courts
  • Transportation, Infrastructure and Public Works

These five Committees provide an opportunity for city and town officials from across the state to provide expertise and direction on proposed policy issues that come to the League.

The Policy Committee chairs are members of the Executive Committee and are selected by the President of the League. Municipal elected officials and staff may apply for a position on a Policy Committee. An individual city or town may have only one vote on each committee. Only elected officials are eligible to vote on the direction of a policy issue, though staff may participate in the discussion and offer expertise.

After submitted policy ideas are discussed and vetted in the appropriate policy committee, they may become a League resolution, be referred for further study or they may have a non-legislative solution.

The proposed issues that come before the Policy Committees are either drafted into a policy proposal or referred for other action. Those items that are recommended for policy action are presented to the Resolutions Committee during the League’s Annual Conference.

The adopted resolutions form the basis of the Municipal Policy Statement which guides the League’s legislative efforts at the legislature

The Policy Committees will meet in April, May and June. Meetings are open for anyone to attend; however, only one elected official from each city on that committee may vote.

If you wish to submit a policy issue for the Committee meetings in April, please submit by April 18.

Policy committees are open to municipal elected officials and municipal staff. If you are interested in serving on a Policy Committee or have an issue you would like to see presented to a Committee, please submit an email request.