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Legislative Bill Monitoring
The directory below contains tracking information for all legislation that appears in the Legislative Bulletin, which can be found here. This is not an exhaustive list of legislation being monitored by the League's Legislative Division. Please contact the League if you have any questions or concerns regarding legislation not available on this page.

HB 2010: ASRS; political subdivision entities
HB 2011: bonds; levy; net of cash
HB 2017: bonds; disclosure; notice
HB 2030: S/E: automated kiosks
HB 2086: municipalities; identification cards; prohibition
HB 2088: incorporation; urbanized areas
HB 2116: municipal zoning; rezoning protests
HB 2121: immigration; prohibited acts; civil action
HB 2161: workers’ compensation; occupational diseases; cancer
HB 2177: municipalities; development; reimbursement zones
HB 2179: municipalities; counties; intergovernmental agreements; requirements
HB 2212: federal financial assistance; reports
HB 2213: GPLET reform; K-12 taxes
HB 2262: municipal zoning; rezoning protests requirements
HB 2280: department of revenue; electronic filing
HB 2287: firearm discharge; mental state; applicability
HB 2337: liquor omnibus
HB 2365: wireless facilities; collocation; rights of way
HB 2371: oversize commercial vehicles; local authority
HB 2404: initiatives; circulators; signature collection; contests
HB 2406: counties; municipal land acquisition; limitation
HB 2410: workers’ compensation; firefighters; heart related cases
HB 2419: S/E: occupational regulation; municipalities; counties
HB 2452: bonding; amortized premium; segregated fund
HB 2495: consolidated election dates; tax authorization
HB 2499: facilities relocation; public utility easements
HB 2521: TPT reform; contractors

SB 1025: public entities; absolute immunity; defenses
SB 1063: NOW: PSPRS; risk pool
SB 1084: electronic records; retention; storage
SB 1115: PSPRS; retirement benefit calculation
SB 1146: S/E: registration fees; VLT; gas tax
SB 1152: NOW: tax authorization; consolidated election dates
SB 1161: NOW: improvement districts; retention; detention basins
SB 1202: forestry and fire management; conformity
SB 1210: state law; violations; political subdivisions
SB 1211: ADOT omnibus
SB 1214: local governments; smallcell equipment permitting
SB 1243: misconduct involving weapons; public places
SB 1247: conservation easement; in lieu payments
SB 1329: fire flow requirements; rural applicability
SB 1371: S/E: political subdivision; hotel ownership; prohibition
SB 1407: workers' compensation; employee definition; notice
SB 1430: NOW: municipalities; wastewater fees; vacant land
SB 1456: land subdivision; exceptions; children; grandchildren
SB 1480: revisions; community facilities districts
SJR1002: Phoenix-Goodyear airport; reuse zone

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