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Arizona Cities and Towns Week

Arizona Cities and Towns Week
October 21 - 27, 2018

Arizona Cities and Towns Week is set aside each year to provide citizens with important information about the services and programs provided by their city/town, and to introduce the elected officials and employees that deliver them. Use this toolkit for information and ideas on how to celebrate our 17th Annual Arizona Cities and Towns week in your community and promote local government during this week and throughout the year.

To use the items, simply click on the link for simple download. If you need different sizes of certain items or have questions on how to use any of the toolkit below, please contact Samantha Womer at .

Hashtag: #AZCityWeek
Facebook: AZCitiesWork
Twitter: @AZCities / @AZCitiesWork
Instagram: AZCities

Downloadable Materials

Creative Materials

Earned Media

Social Media
Community Outreach

These videos can be played on your municipal website or city/town social accounts. It is also available for use on your public access channel or at public meetings.