Site Specific

Basic Site Standards

  • February 4, 2011
  • 1 p.m.
  • Phone: (xxx) xxx-xxxx
  • Fax: (xxx) xxx-xxxx

Contact on Department Pages

Contact Information Layout: Feature column contact with photo

General Information

  • Font:__________
  • Hyperlinks to for-profits are acceptable 
  • Hyperlinks will open into a new window unless within the site
  • Email hyperlinks will use mailto links with individual email addresses used as the link
  • Clip art are allowed
  • Items requiring prior approval – pictures, initial style, graphic, animation changes when a user rolls over a hyperlink
  • Avoid using the terms click here and under construction or using all caps unless it is an acronym
  • Underlining will be allowed 
  • ALL CAPS will be used at times 
  • Do not use '&' in headlines and subheads (only allowed in proper nouns)
  • Do not use serial commas 
  • Use '%'
  • Capitalization of the word 'city' – Allow for client-defined capitalization 
  • Website will always be one word
  • Alphabetization - Allow for client-supplied capitalization 
  • Departments can be categorized in FAQ, Forms, Redirects, Notify Me
  • Departments cannot be categorized in Calendar and News